DIY Tissue Paper flowers

We are officially in “shower” season- have you received your first invite yet? I have quite a few already pinned to my little bulletin board- so fun and exciting!! Today’s craft would be adorable to decorate for a wedding shower, baby girl shower, wedding photo backdrop or even just a little girl’s room! Since I don’t really have any of those needs at this moment we will “zest up” our craft room- hahah. Not only is this a versatile craft but it’s super easy and inexpensive to make….plus easy to install and remove as needed.


Tissue Paper (have fun with color!)



Double stick tape or command strips


Start by drawing out small, medium and large petal like shapes onto your tissue paper. Have a good stack of tissue paper under the top layer so you can create more than one petal at a time. Also think about the color combos you will want to create, for example small purple centers and white larger petals? Sounds pretty to me! Next cut out the petals (cutting a good stack at a time, shouldn’t take long at all). Oh I also made a few leaves too!

tissue paper flowers_0015

After you have your petals cut go ahead and begin to scrunch the ends together in one hand to form the flower shape.

tissue paper flowers_0001

Start with a small center petal color and then grab medium sized petals and add the next layer of color to the flower.

tissue paper flowers_0002

Next I wrapped tape around the “stem” I had created by scrunching the petals together to hold all the petals into place. Then I made a few more flowers and got to prepping my command strips. I love using command strips whenever I hang items because they won’t leave a hole in the wall, hold a lot of weight depending on which type you buy- aandddddd they don’t leave a sticky residue on the wall when you remove them. Since command strips can be pricy I cut them up into thirds since the tissue paper is so light!

tissue paper flowers_0003tissue paper flowers_0004

Next I climbed up my step stool and began to place small command strips cutting behind petals- they held so nicely! I probably placed 3 to 4 on each flower depending on size. Then I played with the petals to position them just right to cover and tape or command strips peeking out.

tissue paper flowers_0005tissue paper flowers_0006tissue paper flowers_0007

Ah I love it!! Happy Spring!!



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