DIY Thank You Gift for the Desk

Thrifty Thursday

Have you ever found yourself in a scramble to pull a rabbit out of your hat?  Such was the case when Sam and I realized that though we had reserved the restaurant for a little thank you lunch in honor of sending off one of our interns, we had completely forgotten to shop for a gift.  I think that in most cases, as long as you demonstrate understanding and knowledge of the person you are thanking, a thank you gift can be almost anything.

For our sweet Jessica, we knew that it had to have lots of gold and bling, with a cool succulent or cactus thrown in the mix.  Honestly, we knew that those two things would make her smile.  So, we ran to the 99c Store for some inspiration.  Since Jessica was headed off to do more studies pertaining to Graphic Design, we knew that we needed to make her workspace more cheery.  One order of bling for the desk coming up!!


A little Mod Podge and some gold glitter were just the things to switch this 99c pot from bland to bling.


We even had some fun with this 99c clipboard.  With a little painters tape and some gold spray paint, it was rocking some fun geometric vibes!  Why not add a trim of gold glitter while we were at it??


We broke the 99c pattern on the cactus.  For $3, we found this cute little guy with yellow blooms to compliment all our gold.

Have you ever wondered how you transplant one of these bad boys without jamming a hundred thorns into your sensitive little digits?  The key is folding up some newspaper or paper bag, and using it as an extension of your hand.  Gently wrap the folded paper around the spiny beauty, delicately pinch it closed and lift it out of the old pot.


Continue holding the cactus with the paper while you back-fill with fresh cactus soil.


Potting complete, we rounded out the little gift with an adorable coffee mug and an extra large paperclip stand (spray painted gold, of course) from the 99c Store.


Snazzy snazz!!  It was great to see how she appreciated all the little touches that scream “Jessica!!”  But, it was pretty great finding out that she had been a busy beaver, as well.  How fabulous is it that she gave her crafty, DIY bosses some pretty dope DIY presents?  We were so impressed!


Got anyone you need to be saying “thank you” to?  Hope you are feeling inspired.  It just takes a little thought to make someone feel like you appreciate them!

Guess what?

We appreciate you too!!



PS That was a gift of cheese 😉

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  1. You guys know me too well. Seriously, anything with glitter is a total win in my book! Everything is perched on my desk here and I love it all! <3

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