DIY Succulent Pumpkin decor

Seasonal Sunday:

I am SO excited for fall. I just love everything about fall- the colors, the smells, and the fashion!! Scarves and boots here I come 🙂 Not only is it a nice switch up when it comes to weather, but I love the fact that you can also add some zest to your home with decor too! I usually don’t get too crazy into the Halloween decor, I think partly because I am a scaredy cat, but also I just love fall so if I can get away with fall decor for October ANDDDD November- bring it on! I wanted to switch up my fall decor for the front entry this year- going with a new wreath and even some fun new pumpkin containers- let me show you!!


Large pumpkin





Cut open the top of your pumpkin to create a lid, just as if you were to carve a jack-o-lantern, then scoop out the insides and fill with soil. Lastly get to planting!


Boom! So easy and I LOVE all the color and texture you can play with in the pumpkin!!


Be sure to not overwater, this will cause the pumpkin to rot faster- and let’s face it, I want this beauty to last until Thanksgiving!! Fingers crossed!



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