DIY Rustic Mirror

This is a literal “fix it,” you guys.  Sam and I were zesting up our bathroom at our office, and we were stuck on one wall.  It needed something interesting, but simple enough to fight any sense of cluttered space.  Have you ever felt like a room needed something, but you didn’t know what?  This was one of those scenarios…and it sent us scurrying up to our second floor storage space to find something.  Anything.

We rummaged through a ton of adorable signs, a cute shelf, and then toyed with the notion of a calligraphy mural.  Nothing was striking our fancy, because we felt that it would overpower the tiny bathroom space.  And then it hit us!  Or actually, we spied it in the corner of the room. There it stood, shiny and bright and ready to reflect even more light into our little bathroom.  It was a simple mirror that we had picked up ages ago.  We had gotten it super cheap at a thrift store, thanks to it not having a frame or any means to hang it up.  Well, a little quick thinking and we were in business!

hanging bathroom mirror_0000


frameless old mirror

some old, chunky hook/hardware

rope (sisal or something natural like that)

threaded hook

drywall anchor
hanging bathroom mirror_0002

I basically made this hanging system with one long piece of rope.  Start by creating a slip knot toward the bottom of the rope

hanging bathroom mirror_0003

Pull the slip knot larger enough so that you can slip it over the edge of your mirror.  Then, at the other end of your rope, create another slip knot and slip it over the opposite edge of your mirror.  You have now, essentially, created a long rope “handle” for your mirror.  The last step will be to pull the rope “handle” up and find the center point.  Then, create a loop by tying a simple knot in the middle.

hanging bathroom mirror_0004

I love this cool hardware that I picked up from Restore.  It is super chunky and has a wonderful patina already.  I simply attached it to the knot that I just created.

hanging bathroom mirror_0005

Using a threaded hook, I put a small anchor into the wall and then screwed the hook in snug.  All that was left was to hang up our mirror with our cool hardware piece.

hanging bathroom mirror_0006

Ta-dah!  Problem solved!  The wall is now interesting.  It has texture, character and simplicity as it reflects the light around the bathroom. Mission complete?  CHECK!

Happy zesting, lovelies!



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