DIY Rustic Baseboards at the Zest Quarters

As you have seen, we are chugging away on our Zesty Quarters with countless projects! Our space really needed a facelift from the floor to the ceiling- literally. So let’s chat about that floor, after countless hours of sanding the floor with a grinder and then applying 4 coats of clear coat for a glossy finished look, we are finally ready to put the “icing” on the top and give the floors the finished look we have been wanting for SO long. What does that mean? Baseboard time!! Since our space was so “special” with many holes and dents- we had quite a few blemishes to cover up. We knew we could either drywall the problem areas or cover them with a taller baseboard. We took the tall baseboard route because not only was it more time effective, but we really liked the look of the exaggerated baseboard. Rather than a usual 3 to 4 inch baseboard we decided to take a more non-traditional route, but yet a trendy route- rustic wood! We snagged some fence boards and stain and got to work…


First I chopped off all the tops of the boards so there were no “dog ear” edges but rather straight lines ready to be flush against each other….


Next we grabbed some danish oil stain to add some more rustic warmth to the wood to heighten the contrast next to our industrial concrete floors….


One quick coat and we were loving the color tones and how they picked up the wood grains….


I grabbed our pneumatic staple gun for a quick and easy install…simply keep measuring and cutting and stapling over and over and over again….


And voila!



Here’s to one more thing done at the Zesty Quarters!



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      I used pine simply because it was the most inexpensive and we had a lot of square footage to cover, I would suggest using whatever would look best aesthetically 🙂

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