DIY Rope Sign

Thrifty Thursday

Here is another little cool project we did for that Sparkles & Spurs party.  These rope signs are crazy simple to make and they can be used for so many occasions.  With a little bit of rustic charm they could grace you wedding with a cool Mr & Mrs sign, your could create a welcome sign or parking sign, or you could create something for your home decor.  The project is easy and has lots of texture…..but just get ready to get a little messy.  Admittedly, this one took me back to kindergarten memories!

Glop, glop, squish, squish!

sparkles and spurs rope sign_0000


rope thick enough to show texture (length depends on what you are scribing)

1 cup of corn starch

2 bottles of white glue (99C Store purchase!)

1/2 cup of water

wax paper


Note: I wound up making this twice, because my sign was so long!

sparkles and spurs rope sign_0001

In a medium sized bowl (you can use a large tupperware, if you prefer), combine all of your ingredients.

sparkles and spurs rope sign_0002

Mix things together well, you do not want any clumps.

sparkles and spurs rope sign_0003

Time to get messy!  Using a tarp out in the sunshine, lay down long strips of wax paper to keep things from sticking to your tarp badly.  Then, begin to dredge your rope in the goop one section at a time.

sparkles and spurs rope sign_0004

I found it easiest to soak enough rope to make a letter and then continue to dunk rope as I went.

sparkles and spurs rope sign_0005

Since I used such a sturdy rope, I was concerned about contact.  This goop stiffens the rope, but to keep letters together, you have to make sure that the rope overlaps and stays in contact as it dries.  So, I used some old scrapes of wood (rocks would work too) to weight down anywhere that the rope wanted to pop up.  Then it had the chance to dry perfectly.

sparkles and spurs rope sign_0006

I’m serious about kindergarten memories here, y’all!

sparkles and spurs rope sign_0007sparkles and spurs rope sign_0008

I let mine dry over night, just to be sure.  When I grabbed it in the morning, it peeled right off of the waxed paper!  Cleaning off a couple of dried glops because of excess goop, the sign was ready to go!

sparkles and spurs rope sign_0009sparkles and spurs rope sign_0010sparkles and spurs rope sign_0011sparkles and spurs rope sign_0012

That was some easy rustic charm!  And some fun tactile playtime!! LOL.  It’s good being a kid every now and again.



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