DIY Oil Candle

Today’s project requires you to drink a beer, you okay with that? Ya I thought so. 🙂 Or I suppose you could juts have a really cool funky bottle of any sort, but let’s face it, a beer bottle candle is way more edgy and hip. We are all about hip here, tee hee. So with that said grab a beer bottle, some lamp oil and a funnel. These items should all be pretty easy to find, the only random and uber important piece you need to hunt down is called a “ceramic wine candle”.


Now to start the easiest project ever! Simply pour your oil through a funnel into your bottle.


Next drop your wick and ceramic wick holder into place. Wait a few hours before lighting because the wick needs to absorb the oil.

Time to set the ambiance!! Love that color and flame, just be sure to have away from doggies and kiddos since it would be pretty darn easy to tip over!!

homemade candle_0042

Burn baby burn!!



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