DIY Minimalist Dowel Budvase

I am not a hoarder, seriously! I just have this crazy compunction about throwing away cool stuff. I just cannot seem to help myself…as soon as I find myself in need of throwing away some cool product packaging or such, I immediately envision my trips that I have taken to the dump. I am wrecked with horrible guilt! Do any of you feel like that? I am not necessarily talking about milk jugs or egg cartons (however I have found many useful ways to use those), but what about pretty tea tins, huge metal cans, and the like. Hahaha, maybe I am sounding crazy, but I get a pretty good sense of satisfaction when I can take something that is “trash” and save it from the dump by repurposing or re-envisioning it.
Such was the case with this ridiculously cute glass vial from some scrumptious loose tea that I bought at Trader Joe’s. With the help of a dowel and some cool wool yarn, I was ready to transform my vial into a minimalist bud vase. The simple design turned out perfectly with the warmth of the wood and yarn!

3/4″ wood dowel, cut into 3 pieces 8″ long
glass vial (I get mine from tea and vanilla bean purchases 😉 )
wool or cotton yarn in a color of your choosing
hot glue gun
sand paper

This is a pretty basic construction, and a project that whips up fast…so get ready for a sense of accomplishment.
Start by removing the vial label (if there is one) and then cut your dowel into 8″ long pieces. You need three pieces for this design. Then sand the cuts smooth for a more finished look.

Next, it’s time to bust out that hot glue gun. Affixing the dowel pieces to the glass vial with hot glue helps the whole process to not be too clumsy. This way you can position your dowels exactly as you want, before tackling the project with your yarn.

Once you are happy with your construction, it is time to yarn-wrap. I started by tying a simple knot, and then wove the yarn around all of the dowels and the vial. This isn’t rocket science, but you may play with it a bit before you find your groove. The yarn serves the purpose of being a cool design element, while also holding the vial snuggly in it’s place.

As you can see from the pictures, I did not simply wrap the yarn around the whole thing at once, but rather around each dowel. Basically, it was an over-and-under-then-on-to-the-next-dowel kind of thing. Just make sure to pull gently, you want it to be snug but you do not want to pop the hot glue loose (it is holding things in place until everything is nicely wrapped).

After you have tied it off, the vase is finished! Fast, right? Now you can fill the vial with water, add a flower or a plant cutting to root…your call. I personally went with a dry arrangement of some cheery “billy balls” for a little nightstand arrangement.
Happy crafting and repurposing!

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