DIY Men’s Button Up Shirt Into A Skirt

We found this men’s button up shirt at a thrift store for a buck months ago and have been waiting for the perfect project to zest it up. I loved the black and white stripes and was really wanting to make something that I could wear but wouldn’t be too masculine. After some perusing on pinterest I quickly saw many projects where people turned shirts into skirts, but honestly I didn’t really like any of the tutorials I was seeing. I like things simple since I am not a big sewer. Faith jumped on board to help with this one, but honestly it was so easy and quick with the help of some elastic. And the result was so cute!! Score!!


Men’s button up

Sewing machine



Measuring tape

shirt turned skirt_0000

Start by cutting off your sleeves and coming across the shoulder top so the shirt is completely open….making a circle.

shirt turned skirt_0001shirt turned skirt_0002shirt turned skirt_0003shirt turned skirt_0004

See? Completely open (like a skirt- haha)

shirt turned skirt_0005

Measure your waist and cut your elastic a bit smaller than the measured number…
shirt turned skirt_0008shirt turned skirt_0009shirt turned skirt_0010shirt turned skirt_0011

Faith jumped in with some sewing skills here, create a little pocket for the elastic waist at the top where the collar of the shirt was…this is where we will slide the elastic in.

shirt turned skirt_0012

Fold over and sew the pocket into place….

shirt turned skirt_0013

Once you have the elastic in place you may need to add some darts along the side to make it more snug and form fitting…

shirt turned skirt_0014

Time to dress it up! Yay!

shirt turned skirt_0015shirt turned skirt_0016

Time to go out? I think yes!



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