DIY Mason Jar Pumpkin

Thrifty Thursday

Figured the best way to kick of autumn is with an “oldie but goodie”!  Archived way back in the day on our blog, this craft whips up fast and is a great way to decorate the house as the season commences.

Happy fall!!

Mason jars- we have talked about my addiction in the past, whelp- I use them as everyday drinking cups which is great because I have lots of sizes, they are easy to clean, and you don’t need to worry about breaking them because they are easy to find- but lets face it- I am left with a bunch of lids…what to do with them? Make a wreath? Hmm how about we get in the spirit of fall since it is October after all.


First I strung all the mason jar lids (every other gold and silver lids) on a piece of twine and then tied it, but it was too loose, see?


So instead I decided to use a rubber band to make the pumpkin tighter, also used a paperclip to fasten…

masonjarpumpkin_1956Nice and tight now….see?


Now time for the leaf and stem- cinnamon stick and burlap?

Ahhh soo cute!!!!


I think I am officially ready for Fall- now I just need these heat waves to cooperate so we can all bust out the cider and scarfs!

Thanks for Zestin


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