DIY Live Edge Coffee Table with Hairpin Legs

Field trip!!!!  Yep, yep, Sam and I are super excited to share with you about a little secret right in the heart of downtown Santa Margarita.  As downtown is merely a few blocks down one street, it is not hard to find…but so many locals have no clue that this magical place exists.  Ok, perhaps I am waxing poetic, but when it comes to gorgeous lumber, I tend to get a little emotional.

Rustic lumber_0000

How can you go wrong with a place that almost resembles a junk yard and lumber yard mixed into one.  And can we talk about their legit sign.  This place is what dreams are made of!  Sexy planks of black walnut….HELLO!

Rustic lumber_0001

Sam and I felt like we were on a real treasure hunt.  Why were we scouring over massive planks of wood, you may ask.  Well, we were seeking out the perfect plank for a live edged coffee table we were dreaming about for our front room at ZQ (aka Zest Quarters).

Rustic lumber_0002Rustic lumber_0003

The massive proportions of the equipment here made the woodworker in me stop in awe.  Holy cow it was awesome!  But enough drooling, time to find our perfect piece!

Rustic lumber_0005

Digging through a couple of piles of black walnut, we found a few pieces to work with.  The proprietor was such a sweetie that he only charged us for two pieces, and gave us a third for free!

Rustic lumber_0006Rustic lumber_0007

Once we returned with our fab slabs of black walnut, it was time to introduce them to our internet sourced hairpin legs.  Forged of brushed steel, these table legs are the perfect juxtaposition to our rough, unfinished table tops.  Time to create!!


Starting with a rough grit sandpaper, Sam and I worked the top layers of the black walnut smooth.  We sanded the cut sides of the piece, but left all the beautiful bark intact.


After smoothing out all the scoring that the wood plane had created when the piece was cut, it was time to move to the fine grit sandpaper.  Be patient in sanding, and it will reward you.  Our black walnut tabletop was as smooth as a baby’s bottom!


Before dusting the piece off and giving it a beautiful finish, I attached my four hairpin legs to the bottom of the table.


With this hardwood, all I needed were some wood screws to keep these legs nice and steady.


Time to coat!  Using a satin polyurethane, we coated our table using cheap sponge brushes.  Since the polyurethane is oil based, we didn’t want to have to wash our nice brushes.

We used a satin finish because we wanted to keep this table feeling as natural as possible.  A high gloss just would not have achieved the right look.


Holy cow this clear coat brought out the beauty of the wood!!!!!

It is very important to let the coat dry for several hours (approx 4) before lightly sanding it again and following with another light coat of polyurethane.  Repeat these steps one more time for a total of 3 coats of polyurethane. Trust me, the time is so worth it!


Helloooooo gorgeous!

front-office-table_0000front-office-table_0001Ooooh, I just love it when a field trip finishes up with a killer project.  This table is the PERFECT statement for our first impression at Zest Quarters.  I absolutely love the richness of the wood meeting up with the cold, hard steel.

Makers gonna make!!!!



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