DIY Lifesize Jenga

Thrifty Thursday

I know we are in full winter mode- but a girl can dream right? Hahah! I am ready to tackle some projects to help with my sister in law’s wedding and also just have some fun next time we have a BBQ or go camping. Life-size Jenga. Yep- bring it on!! I have always loved jenga- it’s one of those games you don’t have to re-teach yourself every time you play, it’s kid friendly, and heck if you play with my mother in law it becomes a drinking jenga game. But that’s for another post- hahah. This was such an easy project too- gotta love when you can bust it out in one afternoon!

To make it you will need eight 2×4’s to get 72 pieces, each one being 10 1/2 inches. With each piece being 10 1/2 in. long you are able to get 9 pieces per 2×4.

lifesize jenga_0017

Measure and cut! (again and again and again and again…)

lifesize jenga_0018

Yep going a little crazy!

lifesize jenga_0019


lifesize jenga_0020

Just when you want to celebrate being done- it’s time to sand, yep all 72 pieces!

lifesize jenga_0021

But now I am ready for countless hours of fun! I am excited for the weather to get warmer and be able to bust out my jenga- also to use this game at my sister in law’s wedding this coming August!!

lifesize jenga_0022lifesize jenga_0023lifesize jenga_0024

Happy playing!



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      I didn’t at first but since then I have added spar varnish since it is sitting outside- want to protect from weathering!! Great question!! They have a spray spar varnish that makes for a quicker job 🙂

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