DIY Leather Tripod Camping Stool

Hey, hey there!  Father’s Day is on it’s way…and if you are like me, it is time to start racking your brain for the perfect present to say “Thank you, and I love you for all that you do!”  I feel like I am always torn with my gift giving for this holiday.  I lost my sweet daddy a couple of years back, so now my hubby gets all the attention for Father’s Day (he misses my dad a ton, but I think secretly he loves all the attention lol).  My dilemma always seems to be: Do I go the generic route and just buy the latest and greatest tech gadget that would put a smile on my husband’s face, or do I make and create a fabulous personal gift that is his, and his alone.  Hmmmmmm….the deliberation continues.  I do know that he was jonesing for this camping/fisherman’s tripod stool that I made for a friend a few weeks back…so maybe that will be my route.

It actually turned out pretty dang cool, so I get why he was wanting one for his very own.  If you are thinking of creating a DIY gift for the dad in your life, this collapsable leather fishing stool whips up pretty darn fast and is super easy to make.  Besides, it isn’t simply about the stool, it’s a gift that represents all the adventures that he will have.  Honestly, DIY gifts for men can be hard, but when you make something that embodies time for doing things that he loves AND fashion it out of leather and wood, you can bet you have a winner.

Three 1 1/8” hardwood dowels – enough for three 24” pieces

One steel 2.75” bolt

One 1.5” eyehole bolt

Two acorn nuts

Three washers

Three finishing washers

Three steel 1” wood screws (big enough not to slip through the finishing washer)

two sheets of thick leather sheets

leather lacing

Start by marking off 24″ lengths on your dowels and cutting them with a chop-saw for even cuts.  Then measuring each dowel 10.5″ down from the “top,” drill a hole straight through each dowel.  Insert the 2.75″ bolt through one dowel.  Then, slip the eyehole bolt onto the 2.75″ bolt end and then the next dowel.  Secure those two dowels together by attaching an acorn nut to the end of the bolt.  Tighten to secure.

Now grab the end of that eyehole bolt that is sandwiched between the two attached dowels.  Grab your third dowel and slip the eyehole bolt end through the drilled hole of your third dowel and secure with your other acorn nut.  Now you have a tripod that folds!

Perhaps you have a leather swatch that is large enough for a leather seat, but I could only find these 8 1/2″ X 11″ swatches at my local Michael’s store.  Since I needed a perfect triangle for the stability of my stool, I chose to stitch these two swatches together.  It was a fast and easy solution.

Simply use a leather punch to make holes and then sew it up with a leather lace.  I liked using a different colored lace to make my structure need into a design statement.

Now mark and cut straight lines of equal length to create a large triangle.

Line up your triangle points to cover the ends of the dowels.  I needed an extra set of hands here to keep my tripod steady and not collapse as I attached the triangle at two end points and in the middle of one side.

Using the finishing washers and the three 1″ wood screws, screw the triangle in place right down through the tops of the dowels.

Super cute and collapsable!

This design is the perfect little fishing or camping stool.  It is durable and ready for adventure!  You can have all sorts of fun with wood stain, paint and leather colors.  I kept mine super neutral, but you can have a lot of fun with this little guy.

Now, I am gong to continue on with my deliberation about gift giving for this Father’s Day.  It may be another one of these stools, or some other DIY creation because I feel like they seem more thoughtful than a gadget, right??

Happy decision making!!



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