DIY Leather Tassel Keychain

Happy Tuesday!

With all this graduation madness happening, I thought that a cute grad gift DIY was in order! All my friends are beginning to move their tassels to the other side of their graduation cap, so thought a cute tassel keychain would be the perfect remembrance of this momentous occasion. With graduation looming for us Cal Poly seniors, I have been racking my brain about grad gifts for my roommates… then I reminded myself that homemade gifts are always the answer! And lets face it… I love me some leather!



– Leather strips and scraps (suede or vinyl work as well!)

– Fabric scissors

– Fabric glue

– Key rings

– Pencil that is fabric friendly ( I used a norma pencil but white works too!)

– Binder clip or clip of some sort


Ok, first step is to cut fabric scraps into four parts:

– 3/4-1inch x 8-9inch (1)

– 1/2 x 8-9 inch (2)

– one skinny piece of leather about 5 inches in length

* could also use yard or burlap string for desired look



I like the more rough looking leather strips if you couldn’t tell 🙂

Next, evenly measure out about 3-4 inches on both sides of all three pieces


Now, create hash marks about 1/4 apart across all three pieces of leather and cut away!


Then, stack the two small pieces on top of each other… then place in the middle of the largest piece


Next, fold both sides of the large piece to the middle and secure with the fabric glue



Now, slide your keyring through the gathered piece of leather and then fold in half


Finally, wrap the thin piece of leather around the top of the tassel to secure the fold


* This step can also be replaced by string or fun yarn to give the tassel some personality! I decided to tie a little knot at the top to follow the rough edges of the tassels!


Hope your grad enjoys their keychain, reminicent of the traditional tassel OR if you are without a grad, bust out one of these awesome leather tassels and spruce up your keychain!

xx Brittany

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