DIY Leather Tags

Washing dishes can be a not-so-fun task. I try to place cute plants, quotes or even just pull the window shade up to have something to ponder at while doing the day to day chore. While I was washing some dishes the other day I had the bright idea- “I should label my soaps!” After all- how many times have you had guests use hand soap on the dishes and vice versa? Or how about that awkward moment when they pump lotion onto your dishes? I like to keep my liquids, be it soap or lotion, in a glass container because let’s face it- it’s cuter and cheaper to by in bulk. So moral of the story, today we are going to make cute and thrifty soap tags. Now maybe this is not something you need, but a tag is a tag. Just think of all the cute things you could label around the house, or maybe a fun gift tag that is re-useable? See now I got your brain tickin’



Wood burner

Leather hole punch


leather soap tags_0000

First plug in your wood burner to get warm while you cut your leather into tags, also cut small strips of leather, these are going to be the ties for the tags

Next use a pencil to lightly scribe your desired text

leather soap tags_0001

Once your wood burner is of temperature, carefully scribe your letters. Be sure to use a tip that is not too thick (unless that is the look you are going for)

leather soap tags_0002

Next punch your hole and thread your leather strips through the hole and voila!!

leather soap tags_0003leather soap tags_0004leather soap tags_0005

Super easy but super cute- it’s all in the details 🙂



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