DIY Leather Sleeve for Dad

Chanda and I are constantly looking for new leather projects. I am not sure what get’s us more excited, the texture and colors or the smell? I just know we both are always attracted to this material, especially every year when we get close to Father’s day. Leather just seems to make any “man craft” legit. With father’s day a little more than a week away it’s time to start thinking of what you can zest for pops. My dad is not much of a coffee drinker but man does he like his iced tea. While my husband on the other hand pounds the coffee all day everyday. But what I love about this craft is that it can go either way- hot or cold! Let’s get to zesting….



Mason Jar

Wood burner

Leather hole punch


father's day mason jar_0000

First wrap your leather around your mason jar to make sure it fit’s pretty snug. I should wrap around and barely meet. A quick snip and it’s time to personalize the leather a bit….

father's day mason jar_0002

I used my wood burner to scribe some love notes to poppa…

father's day mason jar_0001

Next it’s time to punch holes all along both ends of the leather so we can create the perfect little mason jar corset 🙂

father's day mason jar_0003

Loop the cording through the first two holes and then begin to criss cross as your work your way through each hole down to the base….

father's day mason jar_0004father's day mason jar_0005father's day mason jar_0006

SO easy and so fun!!

You can slip the leather off when it comes to cleaning time too!



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