DIY Leather Mouse Pad for DAD

With father’s day around the corner it’s crunch time to bust out your crafts!! This is a greta gift to have up your sleeve that is practical and won’t break the bank! As I am sure you have caught on by now Chanda and I are leather freaks. We constantly are thrifting pieces of leather and then coming up with new ways to repurpose random scraps we find. I figure Billy’s “man cave” office is not complete without out a styling leather mouse pad (made with love of course). I loved how easy this project was but also how you can personalize it too! So let’s get to crafting….


Leather square


Hot glue gun


fathers day leather mouse pad_0000

Cut your cork to be about 1 inch smaller than your leather square. Next cut the corner off all 4 sides of the cork off. Then begin by hot gluing all four corners of leather up to the cork square. Then hot glue all long the edge and wrap the cork edge completely in leather.

fathers day leather mouse pad_0001

Flip over, let dry and you are ready for clicking action!!

fathers day leather mouse pad_0002

Gotta love an easy and practical gift for Pops!



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