DIY Kitchen Towel Holder

Well we are officially a week from christmas! Ahh! Have you done your shopping yet? I don’t mean that to stress you out- don’t worry I have yet to finish mine yet 🙂 All I want for Christmas is a few more hours in the day at this point!! What ya gonna do? Tis the crazy season, but I hope amongst the craze you can find some time to rest and have some down time- and for me that means craft. Oh the joys of winding down and crafting. This craft is one that my dear Aunt Mary Jo takes year round- because let’s face it you need dish towels year round. I am not a legist sewer either- and let me say you can handle this. With that said- meet the festive and oh so practical dish towel holder! The perfect go to grab gift for any time of the year.

Sewing machine or needle/thread
Pot holder
First you need to make sure you get your cute dish towel and pot holder to coordinate-yep pick your season- fall, spring, christmas? heck why not have one for every season!

We are venturing in the Christmas theme…



Fold your pot holder in half and sew the towel to the middle so it creates a “handle” for the towel to hang from…


Sew right in the middle of the towel straight onto the pot holder…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAdd your button to hang the pot holder from and BOOM BABY. Yep now instant kitchen towel holder, oh the possibilities!!

Just think of all the seasons…

But for now we will stick with Christmas, ready to see Maya do some modeling??

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHaha! Oh so fabulous- hope you enjoy this fun and crafty project!!!



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