DIY Key Wind Chime

Thrifty Thursday

I feel a little bad writing this post for those of you who don’t live in California. I made sun tea yesterday. Yep it’s February and I am soaking in the sun- sorry. Or am I? Hahaha- but really. This craft is a fun way to add some rustic detail and charm to any part of the yard. Not only is it easy and low maintenance but the kids can get involved and the chances of you having all the supplies lying around are high….

I love the sound of wind chimes, but not the annoying ones that wake you up in the middle of the night with a loud ruckus- the gentle ones that are like a little bird just chirping. You feel me? You probably have seen wind chimes with sea glass, seashells, old silverware, etc. But have you seen old keys? Ever wonder what to do with those old sets of keys that you have no idea what they go to? Make a wind chime! Now I must say a disclaimer- to make your wind chime sound extra triumphant you will want a good amount of keys. Like 15? You may not have that many lying around but if you hit up your local Home Depot or Hardware store they generally have a “reject” bucket and are happy to dispose of them into your bag. Just saying. (I did that!)

To make this craft you need to go collect a branch…yep another classic zest move.

key wind chimes_0000

I had to use some vicious muscles to break that bad boy…

key wind chimes_0001


key wind chimes_0002

Supplies- yarn, scissors, branch, keys- check!

key wind chimes_0003

Simply thread each key with a different length piece of yarn…

key wind chimes_0004

Make a large loop around the branch and tie securely…

key wind chimes_0005key wind chimes_0006

One down, just a few more to go….

key wind chimes_0007key wind chimes_0008key wind chimes_0009

They may want to tangle- be patient!

key wind chimes_0010

Now for my branch support, I am using a thicker piece of yarn to hang my branch from a tree…

key wind chimes_0011key wind chimes_0012key wind chimes_0013key wind chimes_0014

Ahhh I am in love! (insert heart eyed emoji!)

It has been so lovely to hear the chimes while sitting on the patio 🙂



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