DIY Industrial Wall Sconce

Ok, so here is the deal, I had a pretty cool cutting board that unfortunately met it’s demise thanks to kids (ah-hem, and hubby) giving it so many soaks in the sink.  Basically, the thing fell apart at the seams.  Now, I could have gone the route of utter frustration, but (honestly) what good would that have done?  After giving my fam-bam a little explanation about wood and how water causes extreme expansion and contraction, I decided to make some lemonade outta this lemon!  Giving it a couple of extra smashes, I had some pretty cool wood to work with….now what to make??  I needed some extra lighting in my living room, so why not craft up some sconces?

wooden wall light_0000

DIY Industrial Wall Sconce

scrap wood

1 ceramic light socket

1 lamp cord

1 lamp switch


crochet hook



needle nose pliers

wire stripper

razor blade

wood screws

wall anchors



wooden wall light_0001

First step is to electrify!

Grab the lamp cord.  The one end will have two exposed wires, push them through the metal ring on top of the ceramic socket.  Tie the ends in a knot.  You will notice two screws on top of the ceramic socket.  Using your philips head screwdriver, loosen them enough so that you can coil one exposed wire around each screw.  Once both screws have a wire wrapped around them, tighten them down to hold the wires snuggly.

wooden wall light_0002

The knot under the metal ring will hold nicely.

wooden wall light_0003

Next up?  Installing a switch, because who wants to have to unplug a socket every time it is lights out?

wooden wall light_0004

The directions on the switch package are pretty easy to follow.  Start by opening up the switch by removing the tiny screw.

wooden wall light_0005

The directions call for you to use a razor blade to separate the wires where you want to install the switch.  Make a tidy 3/4″ cut between the wires to separate them, being careful not to nick the plastic and expose the wire.  Now, take the razor blade to cut the one wire that has the ribbing texture right in the middle of the 3/4″.

wooden wall light_0006Inside the switch, you will see two channels.  The uncut wire will go in the channel that runs straight threw the switch, top to bottom.  Now, take the cut wire and place them into the two small channels on the other side.  You will notice that there is a plastic separation that keeps the wire from connecting back up and completing the current.  When you place the top cover of the switch onto the bottom, there is a super tiny metal pincer that will dig into the one wire.  This pincer will give the switch control over turning the light off and on by allowing the current to flow or not flow.  All you need to do is screw the top right on.  It deeply satisfying when you succeed at this!  It’s not difficult, but it will still feel like a feat!

wooden wall light_0007Now for the fun!  I found these adorable Edison bulbs at Miner’s.  The best part about these cuties is that they are LED lights, so no need for frequent light bulb changes,wooden wall light_0008

Since I wanted the look of cool cloth covered wires, I decided to crochet over my wire to create my own “cloth” covered look.  It was a cinch to do, and I really liked the results.

wooden wall light_0010wooden wall light_0011The final process is finally using that dang cutting board!!  I used a chop saw to cut my lengths and miter the ends.  I did not have to make any width cuts since it’s destroyed state had made it easy to simply smash and bash it into pieces!wooden wall light_0012The idea is simple.  Create a basic L shaped bracket with a diagonal support.  This bracket can be any length you desire.  I basically used the pieces at the size they were, except for the diagonal support.  I cut that down and gave it to 45 degree angles.wooden wall light_0013Using basic wood screws and a drill, I assembled the bracket before install.wooden wall light_0014I know my pieces are jagged, but that is part of the appeal in my book!wooden wall light_0015wooden wall light_0016Use wall anchors when you install your new bracket to the wall.  Then, drill the wood screws straight through the wood and into the plastic anchors.wooden wall light_0017The best part about this project is creating the organic shape you envision for you light.  Coil her up!wooden wall light_0018I loved this so much that I actually made two for my living room.  The amber glow is so welcoming and relaxing.  I think that old cutting board has a pretty sweet second life, don’t you?



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