DIY Industrial Chic Lighting

Ahhhhh, nothing much….just busting out some office renovations in between events.  We thought you might like this little creation we dreamed up after going on a shopping spree to Ikea.  I don’t know if you remember the glory days of our new office space when we moved in…

new office_0007office renovations_0000

Pretty darn sexy fluorescents, right??  Hahaha, we knew we wanted a change, and we wanted it quick.  Once we saw the cool black and white cloth covered Sekond cords and the Ludare bulbs at Ikea, we knew we had some materials to play with in our new place.



Our inspiration honestly came from a left over piece of black walnut that we had lying around.  The heft of the lumber and the raw edging was too tempting to play with…so we said “goodbye” to the nasty fluorescents and “hello” to industrial chic!!


This installation was such a cinch.  I simply unhooked the fluorescents from the chains that suspended them from the ceiling, and then wrapped them around my piece of black walnut.  All that was left to do was to wrap my fabric covered cording around the log.  I made sure to stagger the heights of the cording, so that the piece felt dynamic and interesting.

I then loosely braided the cords together before plugging them into an outlet.


Thanks to the 5 Ledare bulbs, we have 5000 lumens brightening up our joint without the sterile feeling that our previous standard fluorescent fixtures created.  Now, we have a statement piece!

Makers gonna make!!



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