DIY Ice Cream Float Bar

One of my favorite desserts that I can never resits is a good old classic root beer float. Gotta love me some vanilla ice cream and foamy brew on a warm summer day. This float bar is a great little set up for your next pool party, Saturday BBQ, birthday party or even wedding! One of the biggest problems I struggle with when hosting fabulous parties is the balance of being the hostess with the mostest all the while being present with my friends and family. I hate when I feel like a chicken running around with my head cut off while my guests watch, I would much rather be the crazy tornado before they arrive! ha! For this bar you simply grab a couple cases of mason jars and pre-scoop ice-cream into the jars and then pop into the freezer. Then when it’s party time simply pop the jars and all your sodas on ice and get to floating’ away!!

“We made this great little wooden table top box to keep our ice in but you could use a canoe, wheel barrow, ice chest, old sink, or some galvanized tubs.”

From orange soda to coke or root beer you can add some color and keep the flavor coming for guests to have fun creating. Heck- make a true beer float bar with some alcoholic brews like Not Your Father’s Rootbeer.

Hope this floats your boat!! tee hee

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