DIY homegrown Strawberry tower

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Sam and I are having a blast imagining and playing in our garden.  It has kind of become a game, looking around at supplies that we have on hand and figuring out how to utilize them to make our space either more beautiful or more productive.  In this case, we managed to pull off both goals.  Using some old fence boards and a drawer, we created a signature statement piece for our garden and managed to maximize growing productivity by using vertical space.  Not only did we get the chance to plant a TON of strawberries in our strawberry tower, it will manage to keep our fruit a bit more protected from our arch nemesis: the prolific and mighty earwig!  Grrrrr!!!

vertical strawberry planter_0000


four 6-8 ft fence boards (redwood is best)

one old drawer

pieces of 4×4 posts to help weight and stabilize the tower within the drawer

wood screws


2″ drill bit

potting soil or mushroom compost

6-packs of strawberries

vertical strawberry planter_0001Obviously, you can grab new fence boards from the hardware store….but Sam and I are all about reconstructing (partly cuz the deconstructing part makes us feel legit!)

vertical strawberry planter_0005Basically, I used the 4″x4″s to create a smaller space within my drawer and anchor my tall post boards.  Drilling in, I created a tall cube shape with my boards.vertical strawberry planter_0006
vertical strawberry planter_0008

Things got snug, so I used a hammer to wedge my last board into place.

vertical strawberry planter_0003

vertical strawberry planter_0004Using wood screws all along, I made my structure secure.vertical strawberry planter_0009vertical strawberry planter_0007
vertical strawberry planter_0010

Last important step was to make some openings for my strawberries.  This 2″ drill bit made the perfect sized holes.

vertical strawberry planter_0002vertical strawberry planter_0011vertical strawberry planter_0012vertical strawberry planter_0013

Doing this with it upright was a bit lame….it required quite a bit of awkward force.  Instead, for the final sides, I laid it down on it’s side to let gravity help me along.  Sometimes we have our genius moments. LOL

vertical strawberry planter_0014Last step was to fill this bad boy with soil and tuck in some small strawberry plants.vertical strawberry planter_0015vertical strawberry planter_0016vertical strawberry planter_0017strawberry tower_0000

I cannot wait to take pix of progress for you!  We planted some companion plants for the strawberries in the base of the drawer: lettuce, basil and parsley.

Happy gardening!








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  2. I love this and it looks amazing! Will you replant the strawberries every year or will they come back on their own?

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  5. Love this idea for the strawberries. I’d love to give this a go at. My problem is the deer eating my veggies all the time. This would be a perfect idea for me to put on my terrace, because I live upstairs in a condo, instead of my front garden. Thanks again for sharing all your great ideas. Love this just like your other projects.

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