DIY Flower Crown

Hi Zesters! In honor of Halloween rounding the corner, I thought the flower crown would be the perfect DIY accessory for a number of costumers ranging from the ever beautiful Lana del Rey, to your average festival go-er, to a super chic hippie!



– Hand picked silk flowers  from your local craft store (or if your feeling really adventurous… fresh flowers would work too!)

Wire cutters/ scissors

Wired Sisal Rope for the base

– Thin green floral wire


First, take the wired sisal rope and shape it into a circle that fits a little loose on your head. We don’t want this fitting too tight because the flowers will take up some room. I doubled my base wire for durability, but this is not necessary.


Next, start picking off the accent leaves and flowers from the stem that you want to use for your crown. Before you begin attaching, arrange them around your base to find the perfect placement.

Once you have the placement down, time to attach! Start trimming off small pieces of the thin green wire, about an inch long, and being wrapping the flower and leaves around the base, working back to front.


The big flowers tend to be a little more tricky. Because there is usually not enough stem to wrap the wire around, guiding the wire through the bottom of the flower in between the petals and the stem, then twisting both sides of the wire around the crown base.


There are so many ways to design these crowns, I was so indecisive i decided to make two! The first I wrapped the flowers around the whole base, the second I only covered the front half with larger sized flowers.


And there you have it! These flower crowns are so fun to make and give a cool boho twist to any occasion. Have fun finding your inner flower child!




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