DIY Felt Bird

Thrifty Thursday

With Spring in the air and Easter almost here, I felt like messing around with felt.  The bright colors literally put a smile on my face.  Besides, felt is the easiest medium to work with.  It doesn’t fray or unravel, and it is crazy easy to sew.  With a bit of embroidery yarn and some imagination, you can really have fun creating some super cool, folksy projects.

sewed bird_0000

DIY Felt Birdie

felt, in varying colors

embroidery thread, in varying colors

paper clips

old plastic grocery bags

craft needle


Note: scroll to the bottom to print my uber cool hand-drawn template.
sewed bird_0001Trace and cut out the sides of the birdie’s body.sewed bird_0002sewed bird_0003In order to make the tummy/breast “stick out,” I decided to use a contrasting color from the body color.sewed bird_0004Pin the sides and breast in place.sewed bird_0005sewed bird_0006sewed bird_0007Using a bright contrasting thread, I did a simple blanket stitch.

b22df9f40e4055fd860e17a95de806c4sewed bird_0008I stitched until I reached a natural location for a leg.  Grabbing my needle-nose pliers and some paper clips, I bent the paper clip into little birdie feet.sewed bird_0009After you bend the toes of the feet, make sure to give the top of the leg a little extra bend (that way you have something to stitch onto and anchor the leg in place).
sewed bird_0010Slip it into place and stitch it up.sewed bird_0011Once you have both legs stitched in place and you have the rest of the bird’s body stitched up, leave a tiny opening to stuff your bird.  Because I am not necessarily the type of girl who has polyester batting bags just laying around, I got creative with some old plastic grocery bags (LOL but that was a hunt, too…since San Luis Obispo does not hand these bad boys out anymore!)sewed bird_0012sewed bird_0013Stitch is closed.sewed bird_0014Sew on the wings and the beak.sewed bird_0015Last step is to embroider some eyeballs and your set!sewed bird_0016Ok, I am patting my back here a bit.  My little birdie turned out so cute!  And he honestly didn’t take all that long to create.  He is going to be such a cute springtime decoration!

Happy Spring!




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