DIY Feather Easter Eggs

Another holiday is quickily sneaking up on us- Easter! I usually don’t get too crazy when it comes to decorating for holiday’s in general, but I do often stroll the aisles of the dollar store to get inspired for some fun fast (and inexpensive) ideas. Rather than getting into the pink bunnies and purple chicks, I tend to take more of the “natural” and rustic route when it comes to decor. I saw some plain white plastic eggs at the dollar store for a few bucks so I snagged them and decided to start marinating on what I could do to “zest” them up. Here is what I came up with….

easter eggs

Egg Supplies:

To hang:

I decided I wanted to hang my eggs so I drilled small holes in the top of the egg. This was actually very easy, if you have a vice you can use this for more ease!

hanging easter eggs_0001

All drilled!

hanging easter eggs_0000

Next prep your modge podge- I added about a tsp of water to my 3 tablespoons.

hanging easter eggs_0002First snip your feathers to fit on the egg as well as make sure the end of the feather doesn’t “pop up” off the egg- all you want are those soft feathers

hanging easter eggs_0003

Next apply a thin layer of modge podge on the egg, then lay the feather on the egg and allow it to stick. Lastly apply another thin layer of modge podge on the feather.

hanging easter eggs_0004hanging easter eggs_0005

Let dry for at least an hour. Once dry have some fun decorating! Maybe on a table centerpiece? Place settings? OR let’s hang them! After all feathers are meant to fly right?

hanging easter eggs_0006To hang these I simply took a small pompom ball (from the dollar store), threaded some fishing line through the ball with a needle, tied it off and then pushed the pompom ball into the hole that I drilled earlier. Then you don’t see the pompom ball inside the egg, but you get the airy feathery look as it dangles.

hanging easter eggs_0007hanging easter eggs_0009

Can’t wait to make more of these cuties!



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