DIY Fairy Gardens

Seasonal Sunday

Evangeline and I have been having a blast creating little fairy gardens this season.  It has been such a fun project, finding elements in the yard or on walks, and then figuring out how to use them in our design.  It’s fun because really anything goes!  Maybe it’s my utter fascination with the world of Peter Pan, or maybe it’s just my addiction to reusing and reimagining things.  Regardless, this can get addictive.  But, at least it’s an addiction that will add whimsy to your patio/garden and excite the twinkle of magic in your little one’s eyes!

Get ready for a little bit of fairy dust!

fairy garden_0000


1 clay pot (got mine at the 99C Store)

one larger pot that is much wider

potting soil




found items:

sticks/rocks/pinecones/bark/recycled things


fairy accessories from Ace Hardware

fairy garden_0001

The first step is to gently smash the clay pot and then bury the large half in the larger pot with the potting soil.  Next, take a larger piece of your smash-up-job and place it at an angle to your buried pot.

fairy garden_0002

Fill with soil, and then use any remaining pieces of clay pot to create a spiral staircase for your fairies…cuz they may not want to always use their wings 😉 .

fairy garden_0003

Use succulents or moss to fill in space between each stair step.  I had plenty of clay shards left, so I used them to make a walkway in this garden.  Too cute!

fairy garden_0004

Time to get planting.  Little chamomile flowers, moss, succulents, creeping thyme, mint, the possibilities are limitless!

fairy garden_0005

Next up, we created a fence using some found twigs and some garden string.

fairy garden_0006

For this particular garden, we used some scrap wood to create a little bench.  The longer piece of wood I just jammed down into the dirt for the backrest, and then I let the smaller piece rest on the soil surface for the seat.  Super easy!  No hardware required.

fairy garden_0007

Precious, with a few river rocks to balance the little plantings.

fairy garden_0008fairy garden_0009

Here is another cutie to inspire you!  We used an old sour cream carton, bark, a pinecone, sticks and some hot glue to create a little makeshift fairy abode.

fairy garden_0000

We popped off the pinecone spikes and hot glued them to the sticks for an uber cute roof for the little home.

fairy garden_0001

The “larger pot” that I used for this garden was simply an old roasting pan from a thrift store that I spray painted.  This one is fun with all the brightly colored fairy accessories from Ace hardware.  The sunflowers are our favorite!

fairy garden_0002fairy garden_0003fairy garden_0004

Evangeline takes care of her little fairy gardens with a gentle spray from a spray bottle.  It’s easy and I love how it is starting her off as a little gardener!  A win-win in my book!

Now, clap if you believe in fairies!



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  1. Gently break the pot? Every time I have tried, it never breaks “right”. I know it will never be perfect but I end up with a mess. All the edges are jagged. Any suggestions?

    1. what are you using to break? we had to break a bunch for a workshop and used a small hammer (like dollar store status-hahha) and then make sure to do a small tap- then you can see crack line and see where to hit next, good luck!! xo

  2. I really like that you used mostly natural elements in these fairy gardens. I see those miniature items in the craft store and I think they are expensive. I found a little bank that was in the shape of our small house at the Goodwill. I bought it thinking to use it in a fairy garden. You’ve inspired me!

  3. So cute! The pot one would be awesome in my big kitchen window sill, to match my country chic theme. My daughter also turned our old bird cage into a fairy garden.

      1. these fairy gardens are really nice, I can’t wait to start putting one together it will be a good hobby to start. Their are a few charity shops near me, so I will enjoy having a look around them.
        thank you.

  4. A beginner fairy garden grandma and not too imaginative I see what I want in my mind. I can’t put into action. Thank you for super cute ideas and step by step!!! Grand kids will have fun! Love the bark house with roof
    Clap! Clap!!

    1. Some words are better left unsaid.

      UWYH (use what you have) is a good practice in the trashed planet on which we now live. This is a UWYH project that will inspire others to use what they have. Well done!

  5. I am now making a fairy garden with a large pot and small rocks glued to the side a d add moss .oh just have to finiah rhe rest .

  6. Try a small mirror peaking out of moss under that bridge. Paint the underside of the bridge with some blue ( not all) so that you get the reflection of both blue and red.

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