DIY Fabric Peonies

What could be trendier in the wedding world than deeply cupped and frilly peonies?  These romantic flowers get even trendier when they are green!

We love to reuse materials when they have lost their usefulness. Our favorite challenge is to take something that has been discarded, and turn it into something beautiful and special. With these pretty fabric peonies, we do just that! Taking old curtains or blouses from the thrift store, we get crafty and transform them into sweet little flowers. Perfect for your hair or an additional romantic decoration, they add a personal touch as pretty little things hand-sewn with care.


We adore weddings with DIY touches! It is such a precious way to show a bit of care and and love to all your guests. Why not be the “hostess with the mostest” when you are throwing your first celebration as Mr. & Mrs?

Supplies Needed:

sheer fabric (preferably a synthetic)
needle & thread

Cut your fabric into circles of three different sizes. I usually like to do 5 large circles, 5 medium, and 3 small for a nice, full peony.
Holding a circle up to the flame of a lighter, gently burn the edges all the way around. With the synthetic fabric, the fibers will melt and curl inward, giving you the cupped shape of a peony petal.
After burning/melting the edges of all your circles, do a simple running stitch along the one edge of each of your 3 small petals. Now, pull them down the thread until they slightly gather and then secure them in the center.

Onto the medium petals, again do a running stitch through one edge of all 5 medium circles. Pull them down until they begin to gather. Have them cup around the small, center petals and secure.


Repeat the last step with the 5 large circles. The flower should now appear full and cupped. I usually do a few stitches through the back of the flower, just to make sure things are secure.


Knot and cut your thread. You can attach these beauties to hair clips, nestle them at the base of pillar candles, hang them from trees, use in altar backdrops, or secure with a wire and add into a bouquet. So many possibilities!


You can even play with color, petal size and number of petals to create something like this awesome poppy!


wizard of oz inspiration shoot_0007wizard of oz inspiration shoot_0006
Happy crafting!


Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton

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