DIY Fabric Covered Bulletin Boards

I feel like the year has two big upheavals that send us into overdrive when it comes to reorganizing. The first, and most obvious, is New Years. January just begs for organizing and purging at almost a frantic pace. The second most urgent time for organizing is mid to late August. It’s after a long and eventful summer is coming to a close, and it is time to start thinking about getting back into the school-time groove.
It is in the spirit of that reorganizing and getting ready, that we had the awesome opportunity to “Zest up” Sam’s sister-in-law’s classroom (and it was such a blast). I think my favorite part was finding old things that we could repurpose by adding a little flare. These old bulletin boards proved perfect for a little makeover!

Fabric laid out on the floor and flipping an old bulletin board over and laying it on top of fabric

fabric of choice
old (or new) bulletin board
stapler (with plenty of staples 😉 )
hot glue gun (optional)

Trimming the fabric to be a couple of inches larger than the bulletin on all four sides
Using a basic stapler, stapling

You can grab fabric anywhere…but we scored in finding this orange curtain that was large enough for covering both the boards.
Just lay your board on top, cut your fabric to be a couple inches larger on all four sides, and then begin stapling it into place. My technique is pretty darn simple. Just staple two or three times on one side, and then move to the opposing side, pulling it taut and stapling into place.

Continue all the way around the board, alternating sides so that your fabric stays smooth as you staple. Do everything but the corners. For the corners, you will do a mitered fold. If this is a new term for you, no worries! Just staple the sides clear up to the corner, grab the point that is created and pull it straight down. It will create a little triangle that you just staple down neatly. Done!
(Note: I had to get a little creative on the corners that had the hardware attached for hanging. On those corners, I just cut away the fabric a bit and hot glued a pseudo miter, just to keep things tidy.)

Coupled with a few fun accessories, these two bulletin boards give just enough color and personality. I love that it kept these bulletin boards from taking a trip to the dump AND it added a bold, large statement for the room. Two birds with one stone!

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