DIY Dip Dye

From woven baskets, to wine glasses, to hair tips, to pretty much everything the trend of dip dying is bolder than ever! A modern twist to tie-dying, dip dying is a great way give any ordinary, everyday item some added interest and a pop of color. With Summer around the corner, what could be cooler than a button down dip dye DIY perfect for those summer night spent at backyard BBQs with the friends and family. DIP DYE Let’s get dyeing! Supplies – T-shirt/ Button down – Rit fabric dye (any color!) – Bucket – Trash bag – Rubber gloves – Stirring stick – Pants hanger IMG_9933IMG_9930 Step 1: Make sure the shirt you choose has been washed to allow the dye to soak in properly. I chose a four year old button down that I hardly wear. After, fold the shirt so only the part you want to dye is exposed, and the rest is secure in the hanger clips. IMG_9938 Step 2: The shirt with the water/dye mixture must be HOT, so begin by boiling a pot of water on the stove. While the water is heating, line the bucket or plastic bin with a trash bag. IMG_9947 IMG_9936 Step 3: Once the water is hot, pour into the plastic bin. Read the back of the Rit bottle to add the appropriate amount of dye to the amount of water in your bin. IMG_9945IMG_9949 Step 4: Now, add your shirt! Your shirt will need to soak for about 30-60 minutes, I soaked mine for an hour. To make sure your shirt is dyeing evenly, you may need to stir the dye mixture periodically. You can either drape your shirt over the bin to keep the selected area of your shirt fully submerged in the dye mixture, or find a low cabinet knob for the hanger to rest. IMG_9960 Step 5: After your shirt has fully soaked, remove from the hot water and rinse in cold water until the water runs clear from the shirt. IMG_9961IMG_9965 Step 6: Toss your newly dyed shirt into the washer with an old towel and run with warm water, then put in the dryer until your shirt is dry. IMG_9966 Step 7: Admire your work! IMG_9972IMG_9973IMG_9980 Can’t wait to wear this old-new shirt out 🙂 This DIY is almost too easy you are going to have your whole wardrobe dip dyed! Happy dip dyeing!



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