DIY Decorated Baby Onesies

I love this idea!  It is great for a quickie customized baby gift, but turns into a blast if incorporated into a baby shower as an activity.  You cannot get simpler!  With just a few basic supplies, your creativity can play away and the result is too cute for words.  It’s kinda one of those projects that will have you grabbing another and another.  It is just plain old fun dreaming up designs and coloring away.  Some would say, “therapeutic!”onesies_0000


a packet of plain white cotton onesies

Sharpie paint pens in assorted colors

small piece of cardboard (or just the plastic packaging from the onesies)onesies_0001It is super important to stick a piece of cardboard or plastic inside the onesie, so that the markers do not bleed through and ruin your work.  Whatever medium you choose, just smooth it out.  Now get drawing!onesies_0002


I used Sharpie paint pens because they are oil based and I knew they would stand up to the repeated washings that come with baby.onesies_0003Honestly, any design is adorable when it’s on a baby tee!

onesies_0006I adore how simple these turned out.  They are so charming!  Now I am hankering to buckle down and make like ten more of these.  How cute would an outline of a doggie be?  Ooooh and what about an outline of a teepee??  So many options!!

Happy crafting!



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