DIY Crocheted Potholder

I get such a kick out of watching something new and useful being whipped up out of some simple yarn.  It is kind of a mesmerizing process.  Bulk cotton yarn is such a frugal buy, and can be transformed into so many things.  Today, I am fashioning a simple potholder for my kitchen ‘cuz throwing a towel over a pot handle usually has a bad outcome for me!

white knitted_0001

1 skein of cotton yarn

crochet hook, size G

yarn needle

white knitted_0002

body of potholder

chain 29


skip first chain and sc into next chain, sc into the next 27 chains


chain 1, sc into each 28 scs

repeat from * until piece measures the same length as it’s width (approximately 30 rows)

bind off

Note: make 2, one for the front and one for the back of your potholder.  You want this nice and thick to protect your digits from hot pots!!
white knitted_0003Place your two squares back to back.  Slip stitch into the corner of both pieces.white knitted_0004Sc crochet into stitch all the way around, make 3 sc in the corners to make nice angles.white knitted_0005Once you have stitched them together, you could choose to leave it as is, or give it a little cottage charm with a scalloped edge.

scalloped edge

Do not bind off after stitching the front and back together, instead chain one

Row 1: *sc in first sc, dc (double stitch) in next sc, chain 1, tr (triple stitch) in next sc, chain 1, repeat from *

Follow pattern all the way around with the exception at the corners, do 3 tr in each corner when you come to them, on the fourth corner do not follow and round.  Instead, chain 16 and slip stitch into the corner

Row 2: slip stitch into the first sc space, sc and dc into the next space, chain 1, dc and sc into the next space, chain 1, slip stitch in sc space, repeat from * all the way around.

Note: At the corners, * sc and dc in first corner space, 2 dc in next space, 2 dc in next space, dc and sc in last corner space, slip stitch to turn corner, repeat from * at each corner except the fourth.  On the fourth corner, sc into each chain and then slip stitch into the corner.

Bind off.

 white knitted_0000Whether you leave it simple, or try your hand at a scalloped edging, this do-it-yourself potholder will add a ton of charm to your kitchen.  Don’t just stop there!  This little project crochets up so fast that you may want to get your hands busy making some housewarming gifts for friends and family.

Hahaha considering how many burns I get as a caterer, I am kind of giddy that I may have helped you prevent a couple of burns yourself!

Stay safe in the kitchen!!




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