DIY Cork Stamps

Find & Fix it Friday:

Who doesn’t love a glass of vino? Especially when you are able to get a craft from your little indulgence. So with that, it’s time to host a party, throw a wedding, or I guess you could always swing by a winery to see if you get lucky with the cork lottery. These cute little cork stamps would make for a great gift, favor or add to your crafting and scrapbooking collection….plus it’s kind of fun to have a stamp collection that has all your favorite wine logos on them. Plus they are SO easy to make and store…




Exacto knife

Cutting mat

Stamp pad

cork stamps_0000

First choose your shape, letter, etc and draw on your cork bottom or top.

Next carefully cut the shape out with your exacto knife. Take it slow- if you rush some big chunks may come out.

cork stamps_0001

I had some fun making a heart and an arrow….

cork stamps_0002

Press your stamp on the pad and get to creating…

cork stamps_0003cork stamps_0004cork stamps_0005cork stamps_0006

As you can see the possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can make.

Happy Stamping!



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