DIY Copper and Leather Wrap Bracelet

Bracelets are HUGE this season.

They are such an easy accessory to wear and can add instant glam or detail to any outfit.  Currently, I have been crushing on some of the bracelets from Anthropologie.  I love how they pull together textures and finishes to create some really unique bracelets.  There are so many different looks, but one of my favorites is their Gilded Friendship Bracelet.


I adore the intricacy of the design and the femininity of such masculine materials.

I was in the mood to create something slightly more simplistic, but with a similar texture and vibe.  Rummaging through some of my supplies, I found some thin gauged copper wire and some leather lace that I knew would play well together.  Along with a crochet hook and some unusual beads, I was in business!  Time to bust out my own take on a textured bracelet.



Leather Lace

Thin Copper Wire


Crochet Hook


Since I was using leather lace, I figured I would follow another trend by creating a wrap bracelet.  I love the simplistic design of wrap bracelets and how they give an instant look of a “collection” to your wrist.


I started by measuring the leather around my wrist.  I wanted it to be double the thickness of the leather, so I doubled the length of my measurement.

Creating a slipknot in my copper wire, I pulled it tight over my doubled end of leather.


Holding the short end of the wire down with the leather, I took the long wire and began to wrap it around the two leather lengths and short wire end….this worked to hide my little wire “tail” while creating a nice leather loop that would function for my bracelet’s closure.



Once I had wrapped it around for the length of about 1/2″, I grabbed my crochet hook and began to work simple chain stitch around the length of my leather.


Wrapping the wire around the leather and the hook once and then wrapping one more time to catch and pull it through, I created a loop on my hook.  Following the pattern of wrapping around and pulling through, I began to see a nice crochet pattern developing.


To keep things interesting, I would do a solid wrap every inch.  I liked how it was giving added texture and patterning.


This project whipped up fast.  Once I had my length completed, I grabbed some unusual beads to work as a clasp with the leather loop I created at the beginning.

easy_diy_copper_bracelet_0011Using the tail of wire, I threaded my beads.

After coming back up through the beads, I wrapped my tail of wire around the bracelet for added security and crimped it into place.

Cutting the length of leather so that it would not be too long, I decided to cut the leather laces in half width wise as well.  I liked that it gave me more of a tassel look with now having 4 separate pieces of leather lace fringed at the end.


All in all, this project took me about 10 minutes to make and I cannot wait to start layering it with some other bracelets.  I am thinking that it will pair perfectly with some turquoise and silver for summer.


Happy crafting!



Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton

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