DIY Color Block Christmas Tree

Find & Fix it Friday:

It doesn’t get much simpler than this.  Basically, while decking the halls, I spied some scrap pieces of wood from a previous project.  I loved all the sharp, angular triangles, so I had kept them in hopes of figuring out some way to use them.  Such perfect, little cute triangles just couldn’t be destined for the trashed!!

When it is the Christmas season, it can be pretty obvious that triangles are the building blocks for the traditional Christmas tree shape.  So, I got busy working with my scraps like puzzle pieces.



wood scraps

chop saw

wood glue

wood screws


wood stain

acrylic paint


To keep all my “puzzle pieces” together, I simply used wood glue and wood screws to attach two 1″x1″ scraps that were cut at an angle.  Working with it upside down like above, allowed me to drill in the screws threw the 1″x1″‘s and straight into the backs of each triangle…without any screws showing in the front.


Since I loved all my little triangles, I decided to give my tree some color with a bit of a color block look.  Using some acrylic paint and stain in a variety of shades, I played up all the different shapes.


Pretty darn cute!  I just love it when I can make something out of nothing….like a little crafting magician.  These little wood scraps will now be treasured for many seasons to come!

Merry Christmas



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