DIY Canvas Clipboard Text Art

I adore using inspirational quotes with decorating. Part of my obsession is that I love the graphic element of playing with different fonts and colors to make a statement, but that can be pulled off with a simple bar sign or such. Nope, the beauty of an inspirational quote is that it is personal. It means something and it reflects the soul of a space. Every space that we create, whether it’s a home, a office, or the site of a sweet wedding, has a purpose. It’s where you go to find peace, focus and drive, or celebration. I love how a quote has the power to both inspire the person in their space and simultaneously reflect a piece of their heart. It’s kind of a beautiful thing.
So, when Sam and I set out to decorate a local classroom, you better believe quotes were going to play a key role. This space is an English room, so we had the lovely Mrs. Miller pick inspirational quotes from the books on this year’s reading list…and then we got to work!

Project supplies laid out include large metal clips, mod podge, drop cloth canvas, ruler, scissors, old book pages and a sharpie
With the canvas drop cloth laid out, trace a segment two inches larger than your book pageCutting the canvas drop cloth to create the surface for mod podging the old book paper to
Using a ruler to make sure that the lines are straight before cutting Grabbing thread and pulling around all four corners to create a frayed edge on the canvas drop cloth cutout

Start by prepping your canvas drop cloth. Lay it out on a big flat surface (we just used the floor….all best crafting happens while sitting barefoot on the floor, right?). Use a regular sized piece of computer paper to trace out your cut lines. You will want to use a T-square just to make sure that you are keeping things straight. The goal is to create a good 2 inch border all the way around your book page once you Mod Podge it in place.
After you have cut out your rectangles, begin pulling horizontal threads loose on all four sides. I wanted the frayed edge to make a statement from far away, so we created a good 1/2 inch frayed border all the way around. I kind of love destruction that is secretly constructive. This was definitely satisfying! LOL It’s like the complete opposite of my knitting.

Six frayed edge rectangles from the canvas drop cloth

Next up, it’s time to bust out the Mod Podge. The goal, aside from affixing the book pages to the canvas, is to stiffen the entire project up. It doesn’t need to be as stiff as a board, but you don’t want any continued fraying, and it needs to hang flat on the wall. Make sure to really coat the canvas heavily before you place your book page down. Then, give it a gentle coat, being careful not to tear the page. We actually used some water so loosen our Mod Podge a bit, just so that it really soaked into the densely woven canvas.

Thinning Mod Podge and/or Elmers glue with a bit of water for painting over the frayed edge canvases
Prepping the frayed edge canvases with a thing coat of Mod PodgeAfter placing an old book page on the frayed edge canvas, use the Mod Podge to seal the old book page.  The canvas creates a border.

We placed ours out in the sunshine to really speed up the drying process. Then it was time to get scribing! You can try different techniques here: you can freehand or you can print your text out and then use tracing paper to transfer it to your old book page with a pencil. After you have your sketched out words, fill them in with a black Sharpie.

Once the Mod Podge has dried, use a pencil and then a sharpie in your favorite color to write an inspirational quote on the old book page before hanging it on the wall

The final step is to attach a large metal clip and hang it from the wall!

Using a large metal clip to attach to the top of the frayed canvas, creating a way to hang this bit of inspiration on the wall.Having the frayed canvas framed inspirational quote on the wallA close up of the inspirational quote A full view of six different inspirational quotes hong on the wall with large metal clips

A fun and dynamic wall for a classroom! I love it! I hope it inspires the students if, and when, their minds start to drift and their eyes glance around the room!
Happy crafting!

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