DIY Bubble Wrap and Rope Easter Carrots

Today we are getting all Peter Rabbit on ya and making some fun Easter decor that is rustic but yet has a playful nature. Chanda and I always love to create things out of trash, and in this case we literally do that. After unwrapping a box we received in the mail we had a good amount of bubblewrap left and after a quick trip to pinterest and the realization that Easter was around the corner, I came up with this fun decor idea! These little carrots would be great for table decor or simply hanging around the house or porch. They are super light and can be made orange or neutral- they scream Spring so perfectly to me!


easter carrots_0000

First cut a rectangle with bubble wrap or brown paper….

easter carrots_0001

Next take one corner and start rolling to the other side, naturally creating a thicker and thinner side….

easter carrots_0002

Then once you have your bubble wrap all rolled up fold the top over to make the thickness doubled and the correct “carrot” length. Then cover the entire shape in masking tape to allow it to really hold and take shape.

Next I cut a hole into the bubble wrap to make an easy insert place for my green twine.

easter carrots_0003

Loop the twine two or three times to create the carrot top greens, add some hot glue into your hole and then jab those wires into the hole and hold until dry.

easter carrots_0004

Now it’s time to start wrapping your carrot with twine. First hot glue twine running along the edge of your carrot tip.

easter carrots_0005

Once dry, begin wrapping and layering. It is okay if the twine doubles up in areas, what is important is to make sure you don’t see any masking tape. I added drops of hot glue along the way to secure all my wrapping.

easter carrots_0006

At the top I just kept wrapping until I didn’t see the bubble wrap anymore. It got a little tricky but this is where glue is your friend!! Once completely wrapped you can paint your carrot or leave it dry.

easter carrots_0007

I made a few small and a few large carrots and intermingled the color and natural look!

easter carrots_0008

I am kind of in love with how these turned out, I may have to make more for fun gifts!!



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