DIY Boutonniere

Okay so remember last week when I taught you how to make your own flower arrangement? Well in case you are feeling extra brave we thought it would be fun to pair that tutorial with a boutonniere for the DIY rockstar bride. Don’t worry it’s really not that hard, just like last week it’s all in the order of arranging and the materials. You got this!!


A few blooms/sprigs of flowers and greenery




Green floral tape

homemade boutineer_0000

First you want to choose the perfect “statement” flower to really show in the┬áboutonniere, this could also be a succulent. I am going to make mine a green mum, next I chose a few other sprigs to add some color, texture and bulk up the┬áboutonniere a bit. I cut them all to be about 4 to 5 inches long and then de-leafed the last 2.5 inches.

homemade boutineer_0001

Once I had my little bundle I began to wrap my green floral tap around the bundle from top to base.

homemade boutineer_0002homemade boutineer_0003

Once the arrangement was wrapped in the floral tape I cut a piece of twine to cover the tape. I simply wrapped some of the twine in the floral tape end and then began wrapping the twine around the bundle.

homemade boutineer_0004homemade boutineer_0005

Once the tape was mostly covered I tied off the twine and clipped the end of the extra green tape/stems.

homemade boutineer_0006

Add a pin and voila! Time to get married!!

I suggest making these the night before or morning of the wedding to keep freshest!

homemade boutineer_0007

The perfect little duo!

homemade boutineer_0008

Have fun playing florist!



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