DIY Boho Tree Stump Side Table

Sometimes crafting can be extremely simple. You find a piece you love, and you dream up a way to use it. Such was the case with these super mod table legs that I found at Habitat for Humanity’s Restore. They were so clean and 1960’s fabulous that I had to figure out a way to use them. Besides, they were such a steal at $2 a pop!
In all honesty, I hung on to them for a while because I didn’t want to squander them on some half-baked project. Nope, I wanted these beautifully tapered legs with the golden stiletto finish to shine brilliantly with whatever I chose to create. Finally, I came across a lovely thick piece of wood slice that was just the right stature for a side table. I was in business!! A little rustic, earthy flare was just what these super sexy mod table legs were begging for!

Four 1960's wooden table legs with gold tips and a bottle of copper spray paint sitting on top of a live edge wood slice
The $2 price tag on one of the wooden table legs

A slice of wood stump (mine is 4″ thick)
Sand paper
4 short table legs
Gorilla wood glue
Rustoleum copper spray paint
Blue painter’s tape

Measuring two inches from the edge of the stump to drill a pilot hole for the four wooden table legs

Start by simply finding four locations for your table legs and drilling pilot holes in preparation for screwing them into the wood stump. I chose four locations equidistant from each other, and two inches from the edge.

Sanding the top of the wood stump smooth

Next up, I sanded the top of the stump SUPER smooth. Then, grabbing the blue painter’s tape, I taped off the jagged edge before spray painting the sides copper. It took a couple of coats for the rough wooden surface to register shiny metallic, but it worked!

Using blue tape to tape off the top edge of the wood stump before spray painting the edge copper with spray paint

Filling the pilot holes that I had drilled earlier with Gorilla wood glue, I screwed each leg into position. Once my table was up on it’s legs, it was time to polyurethane the surface. In-between coats, I smoothed the surface with some super fine steel wool. Two coats are a must, but a third coat just makes it look that much more professional.

Filling the pilot holes for the legs with Gorilla wood glueFinishing the top of the wood stump with polyurethane after sanding it smooth
Threading the screw top of the wooden leg down into the glue filled pilot holeRubbing down the wooden stump with fine steel wool in-between coats of polyurethane

See what I meant by easy? This beauty whipped up so fast, and now I have a fabulous Boho mod side table that blends natural elements with slick polish. Massive heart eyes over here!

The top of the diy wood stump side table with a potted cactus, a set of keys with a leather tassel, and an empty cup of coffeeA full image of the diy wood stump side table next to a mod leather egg chair

In all honesty, I am not sure what the heck is may favorite part about the design of this table. Yes, I adore the legs, but the copper detailing and rustic charm are pretty darn compelling!
Happy crafting everyone!

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