DIY Boho Industrial Stool

If you have followed us along this Zesty journey for any length of time, you are probably WELL aware that we are some pretty darn junky girls.  I mean, not many entrepreneurs can claim dumpster diving as one of the components to starting their business.  But, yes, that happened!  Sam and I leaning over with legs in the air, pulling out finds that we knew we could Zest.  Fast forward four years, and we are still at it!  Albeit, there are fewer dumpsters and maybe a few more trips to cool spots like Restore, the thrift store for Habitat for Humanity.

On our last trip, we discovered this pretty cool metal thing-a-ma-jaggy that cost us only $10.  We knew we could turn it into something cool…so here is our little transformation.

reapolstered fuzzy chair_0000


a metal table or stand or such n’ such a thing 😉

tape measure


plywood, measured to the size of your base

table saw or electric saw


nuts & bolts


staple gun

foam padding, measured to your base

exacto blade

adhesive spray

faux fur, measuring 3″ longer and wider than your base

reapolstered fuzzy chair_0001

This is a measure twice, cut once type of a situation!  Find out how wide and long the top of your chosen base is, and then measure out your plywood to fit.

reapolstered fuzzy chair_0002reapolstered fuzzy chair_0003

Using a T-square ruler will help you keep right angles and not pull your hair out with frustration.

reapolstered fuzzy chair_0004

I used a tablesaw for this bit, but you can use whatever cutting device you are comfortable with…ummmm don’t I look confident!?! LOL

reapolstered fuzzy chair_0005

Well, regardless of my facial expressions, the end result was a perfect fit!

reapolstered fuzzy chair_0006Next up, it’s time to attach the plywood.  Fortunately for me, I had preexisting holes in my metal top.  If you have to drill some holes, it shouldn’t take that long.  Basically you want to have three holes lined up through the metal and through your plywood.  The idea is that I do not want to screw the top on, because nobody want to sit down and get stabbed in the booty!  Instead, I chose to bolt it down.

reapolstered fuzzy chair_0007reapolstered fuzzy chair_0008

Now, that I have holes lined up, it’s time to measure out my foam.  Since I wanted the foam to be cushy, I chose to cut two pieces with an exacto knife to size and glue them together.

reapolstered fuzzy chair_0009reapolstered fuzzy chair_0010reapolstered fuzzy chair_0011

All set!  Time to put the bolts through the holes in my pressboard and then glue the foam down on top.

reapolstered fuzzy chair_0012reapolstered fuzzy chair_0013

Now I have foam on one side, and the other side has the bolts jetting out.

reapolstered fuzzy chair_0014

Time to staple down the fuzzy, furry fabric that I picked up at Ikea.

reapolstered fuzzy chair_0015

Trim any excess material and then get ready to bolt it down.

reapolstered fuzzy chair_0016reapolstered fuzzy chair_0018

Place the top on so that the bolts go through the holes in the metal top, and then tighten them down with nuts.

reapolstered fuzzy chair_0019

All that is left is to flip it over and seriously pat yourself on your back!  LEGIT!

reapolstered fuzzy chair_0020

This cutie is going to make it’s way on over to our new Zest HQ once we are done renovating our new space.  Hahaha, in fact, get ready for a lot of renovation posts coming your way soon!



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      Sorry for the delay in answering! Two things actually helped. The glue helped to steady the bolts and then I was also able to press down on the foam to give even better traction. You do not need to tighten it down crazy hard. We have been using this stool now for two years or there abouts, and it has held up beautifully!
      Thanks checking out the tutorial! Hope this helps.

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