DIY Boho Dream Catcher

One of my favorite wedding trends is the bohemian eclectic theme that is popping up across weddings and Pinterest galore. I love jewel tones and the idea of everything not matching to a T. I love the detailed textures and the fact that brides are hitting up thrift stores and swap meets across the state to collect one of a kind beauties to make up the eclectic style. But what’s a boho theme without ribbons and dream catchers? We all know that dream catchers were originally created to catch bad dreams throughout the night, but traditionally they also are very time consuming to make. Instead of the traditional plants and feathers and such- we are going to hit up the dollar store for some basic supplies to make an adorable dream catcher for all your boho needs.


Plant stand (scored mine at the dollar store) or some sort of metal/wood hoop

Doily a little bigger than circle hoop

Hot glue & gun



dream catcher_0000

First heat up your glue gun and fold the outer edge over the hoop and glue to secure, do this around the entire doily creating a “spider web” look

dream catcher_0001dream catcher_0002

Next cut long strips of ribbon and tie around wire and through the doily to create the dream catcher tail…

dream catcher_0003

I didn’t want the green wire to be seen so next I wrapped ribbon around the green wire through each doily hole…

dream catcher_0004

Lastly I gave the base of my dream catcher a little haircut to create more of a “V” shape at the base…

dream catcher_0005


dream catcher_0010

Dream on zesties!



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