DIY BOHO Clipboard Frame

Find & Fix it Friday

This is a sweet little idea for a gift or just something to do with those “oh too adorable to throw away” Photo Booth pix.  It is pretty darn simple and kind of has the same effect on me as those adult coloring books that are paving the way to a de-stressed life.

Basically, grab a bit of board or old wood, some paint and a metal clip.  Then, let your doodling creativity free!

clip board picture frame_0000Supplies



varied sizes of paintbrushes


pencil, for sketching your design


wood screws

metal clip
clip board picture frame_0001Up first, give the board a fun shade for a background color.  I chose teal because it is so darn cheerful!clip board picture frame_0002While that background color dries, start thinking up what design you want to create.  You can be as elaborate as you want.  Try arrows, triangles, swirls, whatever goes here!                                        clip board picture frame_0003

I decided to create a basic diamond pattern by lining my ruler up with the corners and moving outward every inch or so…then repeating in the opposite directions.

clip board picture frame_0004clip board picture frame_0005 Using a creamy, cottage white, I began to trace out my pencil-marked diamonds.clip board picture frame_0006Since I wanted mine to have a tinge of a Boho vibe, I used a dry brush to blur the lines a bit.clip board picture frame_0007I really like how I can see the brush marks running through the paint.clip board picture frame_0008clip board picture frame_0009Now for another shade of blue.  Creating a sweet polka dot pattern inside my diamonds.clip board picture frame_0010A little navy, too 😉clip board picture frame_0011clip board picture frame_0012Now that I was satisfied with my pattern, I let it dry before I hit it with the sand paper.  I really wanted the grain of the wood to play with the patterning.  Gosh this is therapeutic! LOLclip board picture frame_0013Last step was to secure the clip to the brightly patterned board with a wood screw.  You can easily attach some picture hanging hardware to the back if you intend your piece for the wall….but I was content with leaning this cutie up against the wall.clip board picture frame_0014clip board picture frame_0015clip board picture frame_0016Kinda cute, right?  Now that I am thinking about this, I may have to make a bunch of these in different patterns but similar color family.  How cute would it be to make a wall of all our photo booth pix?  Oh boy, I think I need to make this one happen!

Happy crafting y’all!



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