DIY Blanket Ladder Organization

Guys I feel kind of silly writing this post because it’s SO easy but then again I feel like thats what we all want, right? Easyyyy.  I have people come over to my house all the time and constantly say how they love to just walk around and get ideas, my response? Oh they are all on the blog! haha SO this is one of those posts that seemed fitting in that moment. So simple but yet practical and cute….

Grab a ladder, whether you make one or find one at the antique store is great. (I got mine at a thrift store)

ladder blanket_0001

Next find a spot in your home that not only would make sense to have blankets (living room, bedroom, etc) but also a spot where the ladder will not be knocked over easily by kiddos or crazy puppies. Simply trifold your blanket and then hang! I love that not only does this project make a cute decor item in the home but it also offers some great organization and get’s a chance to show off some cute quilts and blankets you may have. Another idea is to have one in your bathroom for towels!!

ladder blanket_0000

You could event rotate the blankets out with each holiday and season. So fun!



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