DIY Birch Flower Arrangement

Don’t you just love spring time? I think one of the best parts is having fresh flowers in your home all the time! Whether you are planning a shower, wedding, or just love to have fresh flowers in your home- knowing how to create a centerpiece is one of those skills that will always come in handy!! Today I am going to show you some tips and tricks to flower arranging as well as fun and different idea for presentation.


Flower bouquet


Small cylinder vessel

Birch (or any kind) small logs

Green twine, string, or wire

flower centerpiece_0000

First start by grabbing your basic “filler” flowers. These are the flowers that fill in the gaps between the “showstopper” flowers. De-leaf the stem so you don’t have any leaves that will hang out in the water and get moldy- eww! You want to place them near the vessel to get an eyeball for height and then snip. Add all your “filler” flowers and then begin to strategically space out and place your bigger “showstopper” flowers, in my case my lilies. I also added some stems with just leaves (but above the water) for some green filler.

flower centerpiece_0001flower centerpiece_0002

Got your arrangement all perfect? See that wasn’t that hard, it’s all in the order of placing the flowers and then playing around with height/color/size. Next grab your birch logs (I cut these up for another craft but ended up having extra). I started lining the entire edge of the vessel with the logs and basically found myself giving them a bear hug to get them as tight as possible.

flower centerpiece_0003

Next I wrapped my logs with some mossy twine I got from a craft store. It has a wire under all that moss so I was able to get the logs pretty tight around the vase. A quick snip and tie off and my centerpiece was done!! (minor detail, this can be tricky to move around so be sure to do it on a board or wherever you plan to place the centerpiece to avoid moving and shifting of logs)

flower centerpiece_0004

I love the contrast of color against the white birch- so fun!!

flower centerpiece_0005

Happy Spring!



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  2. While walking through the woods one year with our grandson, we picked up a rotted birchbark circle, that he wore over his baseball cap during our walk. When we took it home, I cleaned it out of rotting tree and it fit perfectly on al large coffee tin. I have since used it constantly for my arrangements. It has fungus stuck to it also. It is also inclueded in our annual Thanksgiving picture with bulrushes and fall decor. I do have pics if you are interested

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