DIY Bicycle Seat Cover

Ciao, Zesters!

As my sweet summer comes to a close, I’m packing away my ragged jean shorts and rolling out my knitted sweaters. Time to whip out the pumpkin scented candles and start boiling water for that endless chai tea – it’s almost Autmn! But hey, just because Fall is around the corner, doesn’t mean I can’t still enjoy the great outdoors cruising around on my ol’ bicycle… Unfortunately, these days my faithful bike isn’t looking so hot. It’s a tad dated and isn’t the most stylish bit, especially when it comes to the seat. Before you start getting all judgmental, I will have you know this is the most COMFORTABLE bike seat ever! That’s why I called up my Mema (grandma) and asked her to help me sew a little seat cover for my bike seat. Time with Mema + an awesome Zesty project = a happy Thursday afternoon 🙂


Bicycle Seat 

Fun Fabric

Sewing Machine



Safety Pin


So here’s the seat… She’s a beauty, ain’t she?




Alright, maybe not so beautiful… But a little fabric can fix that!




Now time to make the easiest sewing pattern ever. A circle! We folded the fabric to make it easier to create the circle. Make sure its a big enough circle to cover your seat + a few inches for the elastic band!


IMG_1458 copy


Time to cut the circle…


IMG_1459 copy


And now for the sewing. Make a small 1/2 inch fold around the edges of the fabric and sew. The 1/2 inch fold is for the elastic, so make sure you leave enough room.


IMG_1463 copy


Here’s a tip for adding in your elastic: use a safety pin and hook it on the end of your elastic piece. Feed it into the hem you just sewed by pulling it with the end of the safety pin. My Mema taught me this trick a long time ago and it never fails. It works if the string comes out of your hoodie sweatshirts too!


IMG_1462 copy


IMG_1467 copyIMG_1470 copy


Sew the elastic ends together to finish the cover. Fit it around your bike seat and there you have it!


IMG_1472 copy


IMG_1471 copy



A totally zested new bike seat that will totally up the cool-factor of my old bicycle. Can’t wait to show it off to the all the Cal Poly kids on my first day back at school! 😉 Huge thanks to my amazingly talented Mema who has helped me evolve my creativity and crafty nature. Finally taught her how to “bookmark” the Zest site so she can read my blogs… Hope you get to read this one, Mema!


There’s nothin’ quite like ridin’ my ol’ bike!



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  1. Amazing! exactly the skill level – materials at hand DIY Seat Cover I was in search of. Thank you for keeping simple.

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