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Happy Mother’s Day Card

As we inch into Mother’s Day weekend I hope you are in the finishing stages of your mother’s day gift. If not no worries, a quick search through our blog and I am sure you will find the perfect project for momma. Or heck, maybe the perfect recipe? Breakfast in bed? Dessert or a cocktail? You feeling me?! MMMMMHHMMMMMM But we all know that as much as Momma would love a clean home, bouquet of flowers or maybe a meal she didn’t cook- what she will hold onto forever is a handmade note or card. So today my friends we zest a cute card for the mommas!! (Although you could really make this cute card for any occasion)


Stickers or chipboards with letters (or make your own, I scored mine at 99 cents store)

Baker’s twine

Hot glue and gun


mothers day card_0000

First step- decide what you want to spell! I am in full Mother’s day mode over here so I am going to do a little card trio for momma….

Line up the letters to spell out your special note and then flip face down. Add a dot of hot glue to the back of each letter and then line up your bakers twine along the glue connecting all the letters.

mothers day card_0001

Next fold your card stock to create a card and wrap the twine around the back of the card and add a dot of glue to secure your note.

mothers day card_0002

I added a small strip of paper to have a “cleaner” look. Then snip off excess twine.

mothers day card_0003

Time to get writing!!

mothers day card_0004

“Hi…love you..Mom”



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