Destressing with Adult Coloring Books

Trendy Tuesday

Maybe you have seen it.  Perhaps you have purchased one as a gift, or received one wrapped nicely in a bow.  Or, you could seriously be scratching your head at the mention of “adult coloring books.”  Ha, is it just me, or does any noun sound wildly inappropriate with the word “adult” in front of it?  Have no fear, these little gems are good for you!  In our crazy, multi-tasking, ramped up, disjointed schedules and lives, a little time of focus for the mind along with consistent fine motor skills could be just the ticket for stress relief.  Perhaps all you ever needed to know, you actually did learn in kindergarten!

coloring book_0000

If you are looking to destress, it may be time to jump on the bandwagon of this trend in particular.  I knew that I had to share this trend with you when literally four of them were unwrapped around my extended family tree.  Now, I am seeing them everywhere!  In fact, there are even community get-togethers at our local toy shop, Whiz Kids, where people are relishing the chance to destress and enjoy the uncomplicated pleasure of conversation.  I kind of laugh, because as people tend to freak about Facebook, Instagram and the like killing our sense of community….you see things like this emerge.  It is kind of glorious, how in our humanity, we crave quality time.  So, take a chance to slow down, simplify and enjoy!coloring book_0001Honestly, how could you not be tempted by all these beautiful designs?  This takes doodling to a whole new level.coloring book_0002

My favorites are the patterning, but the images in this particular book are sweet, as well.  Literally, there are so many choices available at almost any store, it seems.coloring book_0003coloring book_0004All you need are a set of colored pencils, an eraser, and a sharpener to keep your tips primed for all the tiny details of these designs.coloring book_0005Probably the most important step is to silence your phone.  Give your brain and spirit a chance to quiet down.  Carve out a little time to color by yourself, or make it a time to sip some tea and visit with a friend while your create.coloring book_0006These are not for adults alone.  I actually bought one for Evangeline, and she could not be a more happy eight year old.  She works so diligently, it has kind of become a bonding thing for us.  Simple and sweet.

So, grab some pencils and get ready to simplify for a moment…don’t worry, you will be able to pick up those dozen balls you were juggling just before.  I know, those balls are important, too. 😉  Just take a moment to refresh.  It is probably way overdue!



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