Decoupage Tiles for Christmas Coasters

Find & Fix it Friday:

This was the best little project for my kiddos…ahem, and me too!  I dare you not to get swept away with a little decoupage creativity.

It is officially the time of year for some major crafting, and my kids are definitely not immune to serious Christmas-time-creativity.  In fact, Conall had a super cute craft fair for his school, and since I love the idea of kids creating things, and honing their entrepreneurial skills, I fully supported my kiddo diving in!  The crafting was supposed to be up to my little guy (aka not a mommy project where I control the outcome and the mess), so I decided to bust out Mod Podge and let him makeover some old tiles from the Habitat for Humanity Restore.  The result was not only cute, but my toe-heads had a blast!  I adore watching them work together and get lost in the creativity.


They were the cutest elves!  It was so much fun watching their creativity come up with new designs.  I simply talked them through their design plans, helped them by cutting out some shape templates, and then let them have at it!


Tiles (we did sets of four)

Mod Podge

Paint brush

scrap paper (we used tissue paper from the Dollar Store)

Gold sharpie (for the antler design)

Note: I had the kids paint the tile with Mod Podge first, so that laying the tissue paper down would be easy and less likely to tear.  After they were satisfied with their design, they brushed over the whole thing with another coat of Mod Podge to seal the coaster.  I recommend at least one more coat to finish them up.  As to design?  The sky is the limit!


Happy crafting!  Happy thifting!  Happy fixin’! And a very happy, merry Christmas!



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