Decorating with River Rocks

One of my favorite past memories of spending time at my grandparents house was collecting rocks.  I would search their little mobile home park for the shiniest, smoothest, and most colorful stones I could find. Don’t you love how it’s just simple things like that that can fascinate you as a child? It leaves me wishing for those old days when everything was a playground and something as simple as rocks was magical. Although I guess not too much has changed because here I am decorating my house and office with rocks. LOL I went for a walk on the beach with my family the other day and found myself harvesting rock after rock until my pockets were a little too heavy to walk. What I loved about the rocks at the beach was there beautiful colors when they were wet, but of course when I came home they were dry and the colors were not quite so vibrant. It got me to thinking, why don’t I make them vibrant all the time? So I whipped out some polyurethane and got to painting…


cool looking rocks

clear polyurethane

sponge brush

making rocks look wet_0000
I used a dollar store sponge brush and applied a clear coat of polyurethane.

making rocks look wet_0001making rocks look wet_0002

Within 20 minutes my rocks were dry and ready to decorate.

rocks painted to look wet_0005

From paperweights to filling a vase or even just sitting out on the coffee table, I love that these rocks remind me of my family walk and grandparents and just a simple reminder to slow down and enjoy nature’s simple beauty.

rocks painted to look wet_0006rocks painted to look wet_0007rocks painted to look wet_0008




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