Happy Sunday! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and are preparing to get back to the grind tomorrow. Getting down to my last few weeks of school, I’m really starting to feel the pressure! But all this anxiousness reaffirms the idea that finding outlets to escape stresses and everyday worries is extremely essential to sanity!Trust me… That’s why today’s post is near and dear to my heart.

IMG_1994Going to the Getty! Hands down one of L.A.’s spectacular treasures and one of my favorite art galleries! Since field tripping there my Sophomore year of high school for a Art History class, I haven’t been able to stay away! After discussing (complaining) to my parents last weekend while I was home about my workload, my dad suggested a very necessary family field trip to the Getty and have a mental get away! I know that kinda sounds a little strange… going to an art gallery to get away from thought provoking activities, but being an art junkie and a sucker for beautiful views… this is my idea of a vacation.


As the story goes… The Getty Center (only accessible by tram) sits on top of a hill overlooking Los Angeles and was first opened December 16, 1997 by J. Paul Getty. It is renowned for its architecture, view and beautifully intricate gardens (my personal favorite). The location of the Getty alone offers a calming seclusion from the hustle and bustle of the city and is truly a treat to your senses… everything from the art, to the natural aspects, to location is esthetically pleasing and your can’t help but feel satisfied!


So lets get to the good part! THE GARDENS! Trust me when I say this… no picture will do these beautiful masterpieces any justice. Just outside the buildings holding the breathtaking art, is a very different kind of breathtaking art… the carefully sculpted plants and foilage that is looks like a park for grow ups! This very zen and powerful garden enhances the views of the city and nicely juxtaposes the concrete jungle in the backdrop. The big lawns are inviting to all avid picnic-ers and the big sculptures placed carefully though out the outside gardens invite every guest to catch a glimpse of every aspect of the natural beauty offered. Strolling around the meandering paths over bridges, smelling all of the different aromas of the flowers, you can’t help but feel zen!


It is amazing how something like a little day trip to an art gallery can boost your spirits and leave you feeling rejuvenated and inspired! I can not encourage you enough to make sure that you leave some necessary “you” time, especially during those extra hard weeks to help you get some perspective and find peace! And the next time you are in L.A., find sometime to pop over to the Getty and understand why I am obsessed! Work hard, stay humble & relax!


xx Brittany

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